white and yellow chamomile blooms and foliage in a container garden

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  1. Do you have to bring in the pot of camomile indoors for the winter? Or can it winter and come back in the spring?

  2. Hi Leona! Good question! Do you know which variety you’re growing? Roman chamomile is perennial and can overwinter as far north as zones 4 or 5 (Minnesota and the upper Midwest, for example). German chamomile is an annual, but it self-seeds like crazy and can survive the cold as well. Either way, chamomile is considered cold hardy and should be okay. If you’re in zone 5 or warmer, I think you could leave it out for winter and it will come back in the spring. If you have a prolonged very cold spell, you could always scoot the pot inside temporarily or lightly cover it. I’m in zone 6 and plan to let mine overwinter this year.

  3. Half of your Chamomile pics are actually pics of Fleabane. I couldn’t be bothered to read past noticing that since it was immediately obvious the person who wrote this knows nothing of Chamomile, except what they found on a few websites or books

  4. Hi, thanks for the comment. You were right, one of the stock photos I originally included in this post was actually fleabane, a cousin of chamomile in the sunflower family. They’re so similar they get confused often, even by gardeners! I switched that photo out for several photos of real chamomile blooms in my container garden. I definitely understand being skeptical of things you see on the internet 🙂 but I do actually grow chamomile myself and write from experience. I hope you found some useful information on my site. Thanks for visiting!

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