green rosemary plant in a white container on a wooden deck in a container garden

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  1. I am trying to grow it in my house because I do not have an outside unfortunately I live in an apartment and I cannot get Rosemary to grow all it does is die and I have it under LED grow lights. Any tips ?

  2. Hi Amy! Thanks for stopping by. It’s definitely possible to grow rosemary indoors, with the right conditions. I usually bring mine in for winter and keep it in a sunny window, with minimal watering — it doesn’t grow like crazy but it stays healthy. So I know it can be done! Are you turning the grow lights off for a portion of the day? Leaving it under LED lights for too many hours could be part of the problem. Rosemary needs about 8 hours/day of direct light. I would check that as well as the amount you’re watering. Rosemary does not need a lot of water — soil should dry out to a few inches deep between waterings.

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