Green okra pod growing on green stalk - how to grow okra in a pot

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  1. my okra plant is starting to grow but a couple of them is leaning over what am i doing wrong and what can i do to keep them standing up.

  2. Hi Pamela! Okra plants have a strong center stem that doesn’t usually require stakes or cages. Is your okra in full sun all day? If not, it might be trying to find sunlight. Okra needs a LOT of sun and heat to thrive, and if it’s in a shady spot there isn’t a whole lot you can do for it, unfortunately. If it DOES get lots of sun and just seems to be getting tall, you can trim the main stem down until it stands upright again. As long as it has at least 4-6 big leaves left, it can still send shoots out between the stems and produce plenty of okra! Good luck!

  3. My okra hasn’t bloomed any flowers yet. It’s been a little over 60 days. I planted from seed. The stems and leaves are strong and healthy. Why no fruit yet?

  4. Hi Edith! A few thoughts come to mind. Is it getting at least 6-8 hours of sun per day? Not enough sun can cause all kinds of problems with okra. If that’s the case and it’s in a movable pot, I would move it to a sunnier spot asap. However, if it is already getting enough sun, the problem might be nutrient imbalance. Have you used any fertilizer so far? Flowering plants like okra need nitrogen in the early stages and then more phosphorus when they get close to blooming. (Too much nitrogen can actually prevent flowering.) If you think that might be the issue, stop using nitrogen-heavy fertilizer and side-dress with some bone meal or another phosphorus-heavy mix, then give it a good watering. You can do that every couple of weeks. I have a post about fertilizer that explains the nutrients in more detail. I hope this helps! Keep me posted!

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