peppermint plant growing in a container

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  1. I live in Michigan. I planted Sweet Mint and Hummingbird Mint in containers this year. My question is about winter…if I bring them indoors will they survive with only a bright window for light, no direct sunlight? Or would it be better to leave them outdoors, covered and put in the deck close to the house where they’re protected by the awning? Thx in advance for any insight you can provide. Peace- Oam

    1. Hi Pam! Mint is frost hardy and generally does fine overwintering outdoors. It will die back and re-emerge in spring. It helps to add a few inches of mulch to the soil to help insulate the roots. Since you’re so far north, it’s probably a good idea to put the container in a protected spot and/or use some kind of protective cover, like row cover material or horticultural fleece. That said … you could also bring it inside, especially if you’d like to continue harvesting a bit during the off-season. Mint does well indoors and a bright window should be fine. So it’s really up to you! Thanks for visiting Patio Garden Life!

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