Hi! I’m Christi. 

I’m the granddaughter of a farmer, and my dad owned a landscaping company and small nursery.

I grew up around plants and have gardened ever since. I love plants and dirt and watching things grow. I’ve learned by trial and error (lots and lots of error!).

I started this blog to help other busy people skip past the errors and grow amazing things to eat in easy-to-maintain container gardens!

It’s not hard, it just takes some research and planning. That’s what I’m here for!

I’ve scoured all the best sources — along with my 20 years of experience — to help you grow amazing things in small spaces.

The backstory

Some of my strongest childhood memories are from days on the farm, walking through fields, picking buckets of wild blackberries off fences and collecting strawberries and corn from my grandma’s huge garden. My dad filling the house with poinsettias during the holidays, preparing them for commercial clients. The hot, humid, soil-scented greenhouse in summer.

In college, I was a journalism major but took horticulture, forestry and environmental science classes for my electives to satisfy my plant nerd fascinations.

One of the best courses I ever took was a “horticulture for non-science-majors” class that taught regular people like me about propagation, soil chemistry, and plant anatomy and physiology.

We grew coleus and herbs from seeds and cuttings. I loved the lab days we got to spend in the sauna-like greenhouse, watching our seedlings grow.

Taking home three giant coleus plants in all their glory at the end of the semester was more satisfying than I could have imagined.

(I still grow coleus every year out on the deck and love watching it explode into color, even in a small pot with minimal attention.)

Later on, when my two older kids were in elementary school, we lived in the country: 3 open acres connected to 80 acres of woods. I revived the abandoned garden, bringing it back to life the best I could with organically-grown herbs, vegetables and flowers.

But some years my full-time job and busy kids made it hard to keep up with a big garden.

I started experimenting with container planting on the deck, learning the hard way what worked and what didn’t.

When we moved back to town, I kept gardening on our decks and patios, and I still do today. It’s amazing how much you can grow in small spaces!

If you …

  • Relate to my love of plants and dirt and growing things (but don’t have much room)
  • Need some help getting started with container gardening
  • Want to explore new possibilities for your established deck or patio garden 
  • Or just want a few tips and ideas

    … you’re in the right place! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


p.s. Here’s a recent before pic of some chicken bone broth I made using herbs from my container garden on the back deck … super easy:

  1. In a big pot, drop a rotisserie chicken carcass (picked mostly clean), leftover veggie scraps (I save them in a gallon freezer bag and make stock when the bag gets full), and fresh and dried herbs from my deck garden. I used rosemary, oregano, thyme and parsley in this one. A few cloves of garlic if you have some. Salt and pepper.
  2. Leave it alone to simmer on low all day.
  3. Make some amazing soup for dinner, like chicken tortilla soup or this amazing autumn wild rice soup, just sub your homemade chicken broth for the vegetable broth. Freeze the rest for later. (Maybe leave a little bit out in a jar for sipping; this stuff is liquid gold.) Super healthy and feels very homestead-y and accomplished but it’s so, so easy. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Bone broth with herbs from container patio garden